Who We Are

How it started

After an unjust ruling in the state of Maryland to Ban Retail Pet Stores, a group of animal lovers and enthusiasts have come together to stand for pet ownership nationwide. This group we have formed started with all Maryland Pet Stores that sell puppies, and with your help it is growing daily. The Association is called P.O.D.A., it stands for Pet Ownership Defense Association. The main purpose of P.O.D.A. in the early stages will be to fundraise and spread awareness throughout our community in order to preserve our freedom of choice for the pets we own.     

Our passion

We are passionate about helping quality breeders, stores, and owners continue to love and care for the dogs they own and cherish. Canines are special and unique, full of countless qualities that should never be lost. We need to preserve this unique bond that exists between pet owners and their pets. By giving a voice and forum for those who choose responsible pet ownership we are allowing others the freedom to embrace more than one viewpoint.


The more we come together, the louder our voice will be. By becoming a member of P.O.D.A., you will receive updates on our progress and any donations collected will be contributed to preserving the human-animal bond. Together we can preserve the right to have responsible U.S.D.A. facilities. It's time for the truth about the pet world to come out. Please visit our GET IN TOUCH page to join the front lines.  

Team that provides
loving care